American Property Mgmt. Application Process Steps

If you are interested in a unit that is not vacant then we encourage you to submit your rental application along with all the information we require for processing your application. Once your application is completed then the application will be determine to see if your application does qualify with the three factors we look for. Once your application is approved by APM, we will arrange with our current tenants to see if they would allow us to show the occupied unit to the approved applicant (s). If the current tenants are not willing to allow us to show the unit we will not push them into showing the unit. We will respect their privacy and show the unit to the approved applicant once we have possession of the unit. We do hope you understand that we respect our tenants and their privacy.

You can find our applications and all of our other forms on our website As well as a full updated list of my current rentals with pictures. Please be advised that anyone 18 years or older must complete an application.

There are three areas of the application processing:
1) Completed & signed APM application no other rental agencies applications can be accepted (APM applications are on our website or in our APM office which is located at 1225 Central Avenue Suite #12 McKinleyville at the Bella Vista Plaza our office hours are Monday thru Thursday from 1 pm to 4pm; Closed Fridays & weekends) This means that anyone who will be living at this or any other APM rentals are asked to fill out our rental application. Because anyone 18 years or older will be requested to fill out an application. We do not sublease. You are more than welcome to fill out the rental application and then place in the after hour slot here at my office on the office front door. Or email/fax over to my office which ever is easiest for you.

2) Proof of all income coming in to the home (Pay stubs, Financial Aid or 1099’s or income taxes from the previous yr or phone #’s to call your employer) to qualify you must bring in 3x the rent each month combined income (for anyone who is submitting an application 18 yrs or older) However, if you are under 18 yrs old, then your guardian must be the one submitting the application and the rental contract will be in your guardian’s name until you turn 18 yrs old. Then your guardian will become the co-signer.

3) Copy of your current credit report. What we ask to see is your credit report that is current no more than one yr old, has your name on it. Then finally we ask that your current credit score is on the report. (Credit score to be approved is the higher the better. But all credit reports are all gray, there is no such thing as a black and white credit score. Because everyone’s credit score varies we do not care about medical bills, student loans, if we did we would not have any renters. We are checking to make sure that your monthly bills are paid and the month bills have not been sent to collections).

If you do not feel your application is strong enough to qualify on your own, you’re more than welcome to submit a co-signer application. If that is the way you would like to go, then we ask for the co-signer to fill out the co-signer form (which is also on our website) we would only need a copy of their credit report.
We do know how difficult it can be to get your credit report w/the credit score so because of that we provide a service of running anyone’s credit report who goes through our office for their rental needs. However, they do charge me a fee and the cost of one credit report $25 fee and for a married couple is $40.
If there are further questions please let us know.
Thank you!